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The Insights Discovery Personal Profile is a personal development tool which gives individuals an engaging, reinforcing and transformational insight into themselves and others.

To receive the profile, individuals go online and complete a 25-frame evaluator. It takes just 15 minutes. The output is a 20+ page profile which helps recipients gain a detailed understanding of their personal style, and how this impacts on their relationships in both personal and professional environments.

The profiles are seen as very accurate, even by cynical lawyers. The profile illustrates how recognising and valuing difference can help us get the best out of each other and quickly build raport with clients.

Report Format

Each profile includes a Foundation Chapter which tells individuals about their: style and approach, key strengths and weaknesses, value to the team, communication style, possible blind spots, opposite type and suggestions for development. The information contained within the Foundation Chapter can be extended through Discovery's supplementary chapters, covering areas such as management or sales. These chapters support ongoing learning and development across a range of specialised areas.

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